To our prospective clients, from Dallas DJ Company. Absolutely all of these references are real. 100%! Every one of these past clients has used multiple times… And I've even agreed to talk to you about us, if you need further reason to engage us for your event! We actually have many more clients who have not sent us references yet, as they are still working on them, but who have agreed to take calls from our prospective clients so they can rave about us to you :-) . Please call us, we and they, would be happy to have you make contact for the full story!

Excellent wedding DJ program! Reception and Ceremony entertainment.

Michael was excellent and not only provided amazing DJ experience, but also helped us plan out the entire agenda for our wedding, took some additional photographs, that were posted and we got to see the same day. We haven't even seen the pictures yet from our paid photographer, so it was great to see the ones he took right away! Our event would have not been successful without Michael and Dallas Dj Company!  - Kathy P.

The folks at Dallas DJ Company are outstanding!!

They helped me twice, once personally for my wedding/reception, and then again for my corporate holiday party. Michael O’Brien and his staff are easy to work with and they sincerely care about providing a stellar experience. 

Just to share a little about my experience, Michael and his staff went beyond expectations! At my wedding reception, they took pictures of the attendees and displayed them real time with adorable message boards to me and my husband. In addition, they took the time to teach the entire reception party a couple of dances so everyone could dance and have fun together. Michael and his staff have an innate ability to uncover and play to a group’s music preference that keeps everyone involved. 

We worked together again when Dallas DJ Company won the bid to host my company’s corporate holiday event. They offered more services at reasonable prices and were extremely flexible in all aspects. Furthermore, Dallas DJ quickly became appreciated center point of the party when they maneuvered effortlessly between duties of emcee, Snapshots-2-Go photographer, dance instructor, and DJ! They even hosted a couple ad hoc games that the attendees thoroughly enjoyed. Again, he selected the perfect and appropriate holiday songs and dance tunes for the group. 

Thank you Dallas DJ Company for excellent service at affordable prices!


Dallas Ski Club

Dallas Dj Company has been our designated DJ for several years at our Ski Club private parties as well as other single events . Michael and John (the two we have used so far!) can play any type of music, you name it from Hip Hop to Country to Ballroom. They really know how to show everyone a guaranteed good time. Both Michael and John have been known to bring many extras such ad hula hoops, limbo sticks,  games, etc. to bring out the fun in everyone. They also often takes their Snapshots-2-go pictures and can include as a digital memory photo album of the event. We cannot recommend them more highly to bring out the best in every event you may ever imagine - Dallas Ski Club